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Nourishing our community in mind, body and spirit.

Williams Financial Group is proud to partner with Commissioned to Heal, a nonprofit ministry dedicated to serving our Kansas City community members in need, especially those suffering from addiction, homelessness and other ailments.

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The Path to Healing — Where it Started

Blue Bus

In 1993, Stuart Wright was visiting family in Des Moines, Iowa, when he had a vision of helping the homeless and underserved back home in Missouri. It came in the form of a blue 32-passenger bus his uncle was planning to sell for $300.

“My vision was to modify the bus and drive through the Kansas City area, giving out sack lunches to the hungry and witnessing the gospel to whoever wanted to listen,” Stuart said.

Stuart and his wife, Serita, had no experience with outreach, but both were filled with the desire to reach out and encourage those who were hurting, showing there’s a better road ahead if you trust in yourself.

Stuart's uncle agreed to hold on to the bus until Stuart could afford to buy it. Unfortunately, later that year, Des Moines suffered a devestating flood. The bus was destroyed, but the vision lived on.

Good Things in Small Packages

In 1994, Stuart and Serita began a small home ministry. Saturday mornings, members would pack around 75 sack lunches to be distributed early Sunday morning in homeless communities throughout the city. Anyone who was interested was invited to join them for church services.

In addition to feeding the homeless, Stuart felt called to nourish the spirit of those in prison through the Gospel and prayer.

“God placed a call in my heart at a young age to reach out to hurting people, to love and help them,” he said.

It was a call he would continue to answer for more than 20 years, performing prison ministry for those often forgotten by society.

It’s Not What You Have …

You can make donations directly to Commissioned 2 Heal by clicking on the PayPal link on their Facebook page.

“… but how you use it,” said Stuart. “Compared to bigger organizations, we didn’t have much when we started, but we utilized what we had. In doing that, we achieved more than we could ever have imagined.”
What started with sack lunches eventually grew to a whole food pantry, which has been in service for the past 14 years. Open every Monday, the pantry receives around 60 visitors who are offered food and ministry in a judgment-free environment meant to encourage, strengthen and build them up.

Today, Commissioned to Heal’s food pantry has served over 85,000 families throughout the KC area. Many families and individuals who once received sack lunches have stayed in contact over the years.

“This has been a great vision,” said Stuart. “After 28 years, I feel good about what we have done and accomplished. I feel God is pleased with what we have done.”

Committed Through COVID

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, families like those served by Commissioned to Heal were often hit the hardest. Despite the challenges, the ministry was determined to stay active and continue helping those in need, with volunteers continuing to show up and serve.

“We’ve had many families say that if it hadn’t been for the pantry, they would not have been able to eat,” said Stuart. “That’s why it’s important to continue this work and be a value add for our community through the tough times.”

Pass It On 

In addition to the communities it serves, Commissioned to Heal has also had a vital impact on Stacia Williams. Inheriting her parents’ calling to help others, Stacia works alongside her father, Stuart, to further the ministry’s mission of providing physical and spiritual nourishment to those in need.

Commissioned to Heal relies on contributions to continue fulfilling its mission of helping families and individuals in need.

Volunteers are always welcome!

If you would like more information about Commissioned to Heal or how to get involved, call 816.343.9066 or email

You can also learn more by visiting our Facebook page: